Monday, August 22, 2011

First Week Down

So I've completed my first week. Still, that probably wasn't a great indication of things to come, as the first week included only Introduction to Legal Methods, a class for first year students that meets twenty hours pre-term and then one hour per week for the rest of the semester. This means I only had to prepare for one class, but we met for lots of hours.

During this class (ILM), we were assigned to a year-long study group. My group is made up of myself, a recent UCSB grad, a recent SDSU grad, a recent University of Chicago grad and a fifth, can't remember from where she graduated. All young women, all recent graduates. All of them are full-time law students, none of whom have outside jobs. Three of them graduated in the last year, one Lit major, one Sociology major and two Psychology majors. None of them has children. One is married and another engaged. All that is a long way of saying that I have very little in common with these women, which doesn't surprise me all that much. Still, they are a pleasant group, though one strikes me as very quirky and a little annoying.

The workload was extensive for the week. I have so very little experience that, before this week, I didn't even know the definition of a holding or a tort. I have a lot of work to do and the students that surround me seem pretty bright. I am used to being among the most competent students. I'm not sure that will be the case here. Plus, my family/school/work balancing act puts me at a distinct disadvantage.

I did learn some things from my group members about the quality of my school of choice. This is the only school to which I applied, since proximity and a part-time program were the key deciding factors for me. But my group members applied to lots of schools and it was interesting to hear about their experiences and how their credentials stacked up. Many of them had several choices available to them, but they chose to be here. The Bar passage rate this last time around was 83%. Not bad. This gave me a new-found respect for the quality of the education I will be getting, but it also pointed out to me the level of work that will be required to keep up with my cohort peers.

So now I face my second week. I was completely overwhelmed by the middle of last week, questioning my decision to go to law school. However, I spent the weekend really getting organized and I am feeling much better. Plus, I read all day. What's in store for my first week of my full schedule? Well, this semester, in addition to continuing in my ILM class, I will also be taking Contracts, Torts and Legal Writing. Let the fun begin!

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