Sunday, August 14, 2011

Orientation Day

Our orientation was a five hour long Saturday of presentations from each department and introductions to professors and such. Seems like a pretty supportive environment. Still, there were assignments and To-Dos flying from the very first moment. I don't get overwhelmed easily, but felt the need to come home and sort everything out.

I met a few people, the ones who happened to sit at my table. A couple of them are assigned to classes I will be taking. My first semester includes: Intro to Legal Writing, Contracts and Torts. Doesn't THAT sound exciting?

The students are, for the most part, much younger than me and have limited college experience. Since I already have an advanced degree (one in Sociology and one in Counseling), I do feel like I have a bit more experience with study skills and time management. But then, I also have far greater responsibilities (full-time work and kids to raise) compared to most of the other students.

I have some lofty goals as to my involvement and grades for this first year. I really do want to be immersed and engaged in this experience. It will help that it will be nearby (once I move next month) so I won't be commuting. Work/school/family life balance will be my bigger challenge.

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